Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Why would you call it that? Jesus Christ!

Yesterday I was in that mood where you want to watch a film. For someone with a very low attention span, this is a rare occurence, and to keep me interested there must normally be some stuff going on there. I love a disaster, when they need to land the plane, or the boat goes upside down, and I like porn films too, they are great.

Anyway, I wish those fuckers who make films would give them a title which made a bit of sense. I watched "boxing Helena" last night. God's bollocks it was the most almighty old shite ever put on a video tape. I thought it was going to be about a woman boxer, and you can see how I got to that thought: Helena is a woman and she likes boxing. Right? Wrong.Do you know what it was about? It was about a woman having bits of her cut off so she would fit in a box by this one who loved her. What a weirdo. It was not even properly violent, there wasn't a lot of blood or the spare limbs sitting about going off, it was all a psychological load of invisible nonsense. A terrible, terrible film. Then I watched this french one called "the piano teacher", which again you would think would be about a man or a woman who taught the piano. Instead it was about a woman who cut at her minge with knives, because she enjoyed it, and then she had an argument with some people and she taught the piano a bit and then she just went out and crossed the road and that was the end of the film. Fucking french film making bastards, that was another wacko one. At least the title had something to do with a small bit of the film, although it would be better to call it "piano teacher who cuts her minge with knives" and the other one which was not about boxing, they should call that "A man who cuts his girlfriend up so she will fit in a box".

Dont be so negative, i'm sure its not easy coming up with a new name for every film.
Ye see boxing Helena is an awesome film cos this guy wants to get Helena down to just her box. That way he can fuck it without having to deal with all the other drivel like limbs n heads n the other shit that goes with women.
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