Monday, June 20, 2005


Eagles, better than pigeons, as good as a bat

I saw an eagle yesterday, you know a large bird. It was flying around. Eagles are great, they are as large as a child but better than children because they can fly, and catch vermin with their feet. I watched the eagle for a bit, flying about and being large, it was cool, better than a pigeon. I have seen a bat before, bats are really great, all the radar and actually looking more like a shrew than a bird, like two animals in one, flying up there all blind, but still a bit of a rodent. But the eagle was alright, like I say, probably as good as seeing a bat, and far, far better than a crap bird like a sparrow or one of those black ones.

I mentioned seeing the eagle to this woman a bit later. "I saw an eagle" I said, and then she says "Oh, was it majestic?". I hate this. You can try it out if you like, if you say eagle to someone they will say "majestic" in the next sentence. Or they might even say " as majestic as an eagle" or "the majesty of the eagle, it is great, is it not". However they come out with it, they will say the word majestic pretty close to the word eagle, I am telling you. An eagle is just that, an eagle, it is not the king of anything at all, and I would like to meet a king who can fly about and eats rats and kittens.

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