Thursday, February 09, 2006


Take a leaf out of my book, you babyish cunts

Fuck me I am bored of hearing about this stupid cartoon of Mohammed. To be honest with you, I have not actually looked at the cartoons and do you know what? Nor should any of these muslims who are making a great fuss about it, because it is haram for a muslim to look at pictures of things other than geometric shapes. What fucking hypocrisy, going on and on about other people sinning, when they have been at it themselves. God, these moaning fuckers make me sick. I am quite sure there must be something in the Koran about "Taking the beam out of your own eye before you start on at your neighbour about the bit of sawdust in his" I expect it is like: "do not chastise Hicham, son of Abdurahman for the speck of grime on his slipper, when you, dog, have feet as filthy as a whore's snatch". I wouldn't blame them for looking at cartoons, as I don't see what is wrong with pictures of living things anyway, but if they look at cartoons and then start having a go at the people who drew them, well they can really just fuck away off. As a matter of fact, I think it is a shame they can't liven their mosques up a bit with a colourful statue of the Infant of Prague or perhaps a saint to whom they have a special devotion, but there you go - we are all different. I wouldn't force muslims to get the "Stations of Mohammed Receiving His Instructions from Allah" put up along the walls of their religious buildings, and therefore, they should get a bit tolerant, and stop getting the arse about people drawing pictures. If you like pictures, then great, look at them. If you think a picture should only be some shapes, then don't look at cartoons. Some people just like getting offended, I am fucking sure of it.

No, I am getting seriously fucked off with these over the top religious loonies going on and on about how "offended" they are. They should get a fucking grip. I've said it before about science fiction films and Harry Potter - those are things which seriously irritate me and yet, i have found the mercy in my heart to think "you know what, these things are for children". Same with cartoons, they just need to think "these are for infidels". I could do without most cartoons myself, except for the ones in Viz magazine and Beavis and Butthead. I even think South Park is shit, I am totally over that stupid little man who dies and the one vomiting everywhere, it makes me feel old and tired. But I don't go on and on about it, hanging around the american embassy, stoning people to death or setting fire to stuff, because I would feel ridiculous and babyish. So I really think these muslims need to give it a fucking rest and just say "you know what, it is a cartoon, I will just fucking leave it alone and get on with my prayers and washing myself"

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Agreed! Tell the fecking raghead whingers to get a sense of humour!

I posted these cartoons about the Beijing Olympics:-

...I didnt get as much as an angry note from the Chinese embassy. Fecking disappointing it was too!
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