Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Fruity Politician Cunts

Politicians are obsessed with fruit, just fucking obsessed with it. They are all "Eat five bits of fruit a day" and going on and on "Fruity, fruity fruit, eat the fruit". I met Patricia Hewitt a few years ago and the one thing I found out about her was that she is obsessed with fruit. I asked her what her hobbies were and she said: "Eating fruit" and while I was with her she ate a whole platter of watermelon, sixteen grapes and two segments of mandarin orange. I had to make a really big effort not to comment, and all the time I was thinking "I bet her bowels are really loose".

Eating fruit dosen't give you loose bowles! It give you a full and healthy life. Thats why their Politicians and your a Blogger. Probably stuffing ur face with frozen re-gurgatated pigs nipples and chicken flaps, which probably accounts for these out-bursts of random jibbering's.
Nob Rott!
Eating too much fruit does give you loose bowels, Gilliam Mckeith, you shrew faced, poo-rifling charlatan. I once ate nineteen satsumas as a dare and I was on the throne for a whole day.
You are just proving my point - people are weird and obsessed about fruit, because they have been got at by the government. And I have no desire whatsoever to become a politician so I can travel the world talking about fruit - I am not a complete cunt, you know
All this talk of Patricia Hewitt's bowels is making me very randy.
There can be no doubt this woman is effusively secretory, judging by the amount of succulents she, quite readily, consumes. However, she must be a "hoot" at home, or while alone in a car lot. Not much anyone can say other than it's considered a bonus when a woman bedazzles her immediate world with a bull-roaring fart. I'd say, for those within earshot, it would be worth a thumb-up or two.
You can stick you own thumb up Patricia Hewitt mate.
some tedious bollocks, filled with tortured syntax that no one can be bothered to read.
I have recently reclassified fried egg and chips as a kind of fruit, so you have no need to worry.
I don't dislike fruit, I just think that being obsessed with it is insane. Like that advert for the smoothie (which, by the way is a vile thing, smoothies are really gay) where this patronising mockney says "I expect you aren't very good at eating enough fruit", as if "eating enough fruit" were an amazing feat like eating an artichoke with your toes, or peeling a banana with your fanny. It isn't hard to eat fruit or particularly worthy, and it is certainly very dull.
And the name "Fruit" means gay. What does that tell us? Hmm?
Rob, old boy,
It's apparent you bothered to read Enoch's effusiveness. I'd say, carry on with your silly life, fill your belly with lots of fruit and do fix your fat buttock, firmly, upon a sizable tack.
"And the name "Fruit" means gay. What does that tell us? Hmm?"

With that, you tied the whole post together -- nice one, Noreen!
"And the name "Fruit" means gay. What does that tell us? Hmm?"

That you're gay.
How very strange, Noreen. Why fruit of all things? Here in the States our politicians are barkers about how wonderful marriage is supposed to be which is just as silly as fruit. As if a person can't just look around and see an awful marriage for every good one.
Dear Anonymous,

It doesn't mean she's gay, you dolt.
My kids are for three are totally unconvinced by the 'fruit is good'propaganda. But they seem to like the idea of Patricia Hewitt having the runs judging by the way they are now rolling on the floor laughing. (They know who she is??? How the fuck did that ever happen?)
Stephen Milligan, Conservitave MP for Eastleigh, found dead through auto-erotic asphyxiation on the 7th of February, 1994. Reports said that he was dressed as a women and had an ORANGE SEGMENT in his mouth at the time of death. (que X-files music) I do believe that Noreen migh be on to something big here.
Dear Shrill

Fuck off. You are at least twice as gay as Noreen and she is so gay she shaves her head and is growing a cock.
Anonymous, you sour douche bag, I doubt that, much. But if it were to be true, most certainly, it's length and girth would trump your pittance, substantially. ---Pig!
Oh, yes, I forgot to say, Why don't YOU fuck off!!!
Particia is suuuch a lying toad I am so glad she was queered off the stage today by the RCN. Couldn't happen to a nicer person!
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