Monday, July 31, 2006


Some advice

I hate people who claim to be shopaholics or alcoholics or chocoholics. I wish they would all fuck off with their victimy dependence and stick it up their self help groups' arses. People without the self awareness to understand that is it their own choice to be cunts, not because they are the victims of some terrible disease, deserve all they get. I also hate people who say, about little, cunty children "he is not a bad child, he just suffers from bad behaviour". You don't hear that sort of generosity of spirit being applied to "sufferers of paedophilia". Yes everone can help what they do and that is it. There is no suffering from anything behavioural or dependence related- that is fucking shit. Either do bad things, and repent,or revel in evil like the loony you are, or don't do anything and offer up the sacrifice. Ask your priest.

And women who are all "I won't sleep with a man who wears briefs": Listen to me, you whores! Those Calvin Klein elastane boxer shorts they advertise in the magazine with the bald footballer cunt who looks like he has a huge wang - well they are a big con. They make a pouch at the front of the knickers to make it look like the man has a thumper.

I know a gay man who used to put his cock and balls through a cock ring so that it was all bunched up at the front and then parade around in a pair of those knickers and dear god - he looked enormous! The truth was, that he had a tiny little peewee, the size of a small pepper pot, but the vast swathes of lycra fabric surrounding it gave his mickey the illusion of greatness. Don't trust stretchy pants.

One man I slept with, who really did have the most enormous penis in the world, was unable to wear either calvins, or cotton boxers because with the boxers his cock hung out of one leg, and with the others there was a terrible straining at the front, like Salt 'n' Pepa were in his knickers doing some of their odd dancing, and the great heat of that huge member and the bollocks made it like a furnace and cooked his semen until steam came out of his mammoth jap's eye. As a result of this, the only comfortable underwear the poor man could wear was a loose pair of briefs, that kept all the equipment together, without it getting too boiling in there. So you should not turn your nose up at a man in briefs, there may be a good reason for it. And what about people who say "I always judge a man by his shoes"? They should be drowned

Noreen, where are my 3-D specs so I can read this double post properly?
This is the problem with the internet, no enclosed free offers, like Star Wars figures or chewing gum.
I myself have an enormous wanger, and as a result have to wear a kilt at all times, lest my nether regions explode.
Your thoughts on pants are off the mark. Loose briefs may be acceptable, but any briefs which are even slightly tight make your testicles retreat up into your abdomen like Sumo-wrestlers nappies do, and this will prevent them from working. So it would be more appropriate for your friends to say that they "can't sleep with a man who wears briefs" - the chances are that his bits have long sinced ceased to function.
Nonsense, Larry Teabag. The testicles only need to be kept cool in order to impregnate a woman. The man can still ejaculate with his goolies hoiked up in tight pants once he takes them off (which he'll have to do to have a reasonable stab at fucking, n'est-ce pas?) his knackers will descend and be able to pump out the jizz. His ejaculate will be full of dead sperm, this is true - which is excellent news for most women most of the time - it means you can lay off the contraception. Briefs=good
One man I slept with, who really did have the most enormous penis in the world...

Really? I must have been drunk.
Noreen this is rubbish. In order to achieve an erection and ejaculate, a man must have testosterone circulating in his blood. Testosterone is produced in the testicles. So if his testicles are as dead as lumps of coal because of his tight gruds, then he won't be able even to manage a semi-on. This is also the reason that men who wear y-fronts have big breasts and high voices and don't need to shave.
Cockaholics, now those cunts can't get enough...
"One man I slept with, who really did have the most enormous penis in the world....."
No wonder the gynaecologist said "Peep Peep Peep"

Bet you walk like John Wayne.

Saddle Bags!!
contemplating suicide, you moron, the size of a woman's vag is no reflection on the size of man she sleeps with. As long as his girth is smaller than a baby's head - it will fit up there. Any woman who says she is "too small" for a big cock is lying, frigid, or has vaginismus, a condition where her muscles clench up at the thought of a vast member, a sort of pudenda panic attack. Length can be a question but girth shouldn't be. And I do walk like John Wayne - what of it? John Wayne is a marvellous man
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Erm....well that was different.
What about boxer briefs? I want to have a family someday!
I agree that the ones who say that they won't sleep with guys because of this or that are lying slags. Give any woman the chance to sleep with any guy at any time (provided she is off her tits drunk) then she will do so. We're all whores, it's just that some of us aren't lying cows! The young slags don't understand that love will shrivel up like the tits on an 80 year old. I'm with Noreen, drown the fuckers!
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