Friday, September 29, 2006


They should be forced to stay here for ever and ever, the fucking cunts

It's Ramadan - yawny yawny cunt cunt. All the muslims are wandering about with faces like slapped arses, rubbing their necks and looking miserable. You can't blame them - I expect I would be fairly fucked off if I had thirty days of staying up all night eating and then wandering about like a zombie in the day. A lot of foreign people here make a real fuss about Ramadan "Oh I hate it" they say "Oh, the driving and the moods of the people" The driving is always shocking and Moroccans are not a joyful bunch at the best of times. I don't see what is so very different about Ramadan, except for all the non muslims harping on and on as if they were making some type of a sacrifice, when all they are actually doing is moaning more - which is surely a type of entertainment in itself.

Worse though, than the miserable muslims and the moaning expats are those foreigners who decide to "join in and DO Ramadan" along with the locals. What the fucking hell is that all about? I met a couple of them the other day and they were all: "Yes, I like to experience what the indigenous population experience" and :"When in Rome, do what the romans do". What fucking stupid logic that is, for a start! If I were in Rome, I would not start sacrificing Christians, carving statues of people in togas or painting fucking church ceilings . I would go to the nearest pizzeria, and then I would go to Maxmara and buy myself a new suit and then I would probably go sightseeing or have an audience with the pope.

And I think it is making a mockery of the religion of others to start getting in there with the fasting and no shagging during daylight hours and all of that. If I were a muslim I would think that infidels cashing in on Ramadan and having a bit of a religious tourist experience were utter, utter cunts. If I were an islamic extremist - I would round up all the non muslims "experiencing Ramadan for themselves" and send them to Afghanistan to be radicalised and martyred to give them the full fucking jihad.

It isn't just non-muslims having a dabble at Islam that makes me furious, I personally want to shit if I see protestants genuflecting. If I caught a non-papist doing the stations of the cross - I'm not sure I could be held responsible for my actions. People joining in with other people's religions, fuck off and die or I will slice you open and feed your liver to wild birds and dogs.

I don't mind when others ignore religion like I do. That is my religion.
Did you say that Ramadan does not allow SHAGGING during daylight hours? What kind of fucking religion is that eh?
Now Noreen, what we really want to know is, do you eat a lovely big meal in front of your Muslim brothers and sisters during Ramadan?
I'm glad someone has finally come out against moaners. They're dispicable aren't they?
Muslims are a fucking disgrace. Who the fuck do they think they are?

We should round them all up, kick them in the goolies over and over again. Then, pierce their eyes with electrified implements and laugh and laugh and laugh.
Noreen, I hope that you have a food taster and car starter on staff. The practitioners of the RoP don't have much of an appetite for satire.
I am considering starting up my own Islamic Insurgency. My plan will put a stop to all this jihad nonsense once and for all.

It is as brilliant as it is simple. We rig up an enormous body suit with explosives, wrap it around the whole of the world and hit the red button.
Bill is right, do these Muslims realise that they aren't winning any friends here?
Olivia is back!!!
"staying up all night eating and then wandering about like a zombie in the day"
I do that anyway. Am I going to heaven then? Will there be virgins?
"staying up all night eating and then wandering about like a zombie in the day"
I do that anyway. Am I going to heaven then? Will there be virgins?
"If I caught a non-papist doing the stations of the cross -"

Why would a non-catholic want to be doing stations? Personally, I would be doing dope or a catholic girl - or a dopey, catholic girl.
Noreen, to protest, you should stuff your gob and have wild sex constantly during the day time. Preferably at the same time. Oh, and take pictures.
Noreen, it is impressive that you have audiences with the Pope. Do you have them often? What do you talk about? Are there any little stories you would like to share? Or is it like a confessional, so you need to keep silent about his sins?
What I want to know is, when are you Catholics going to start another one of them Crusade thingies? It's about time you had another one, even if we're not allowed to join in.
Please stop mocking my religion, one of our main tenets is feeding the livers of mockers to wild birds and dogs.
What is this "doing the stations" business? Sounds like a night in the life of a London whore.
I agree completely. It really pisses me off when I see Muslims speaking in tongues and handling snakes.
I used to drive a Vauxhall Ramadan.
Fuck the fucking Muslim cunts and their fucking ramadan I say.
you and your stupied comments are not funny or decent, i fast, i am proud at least i think about the less unfornate, you don't even know what mankind stands for when was the last time you paid for charity, let me guess never when we fast we have to give to the poor so i am proud.
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