Sunday, December 24, 2006


Wrong is Right

I've said it before and I'll say it again - people who read and comment on blogs are total arseholes - I've no time for the lot of you. Having spent the last six weeks with a bunch of oversexed, violent sociopaths, I just don't have the strength to pander to your whining grizzles: "be funny" this and "amuse me" that. What do you think this fucking is - Jongleurs? Fuck off the lot of you.

Besides, I have just found out that transatlantic-sounding, hirsute, rasping cunt Boner has been given a knighthood or something. How fucking ridiculous. Where's my fucking knighthood or whatever it is they give to women in England? By not singing, I have contributed greatly to society. By not writing self-absorbed Oirish politcally-charged, repetitive nonsense that manages to sound the same year after fucking year, I have done the world a service. My astonishing self awareness to have layers in my long, lank, Irish hair makes a better environment for the people around me. I wonder sometimes if there is a plot to undermine Ireland by glorifying people like Bono and that fucking cunt Geldolf and only having people on the British telly like Wogan and the one that minces about screaming and the dreadful tall one off fame academy or the Stars Have Eyes or whatever it is called. It's a fucking disgrace - I think the Queen and Prince Philip and that dirty rat Blair are behind it, the German snakes.

As ever though - I won't moan - you have to see the silver lining in the cloud, do you not? And seeing the good in things is a skill I have - yet another that has not been appreciated by the palace. So here you have it - galling as it is to see the smirk on Bono's craggy, pocked face at his new-found royal status, this latest crap decision helps to maintain the continuity and flow of the world in the direction of blind hoplessness. On balance,I prefer life to be consistently shit, and appalling decisions to be the constant rather than the rarity. Small flashes of judgement, kindness and sense serve only to make the stagnant waters of life a little turbulent. Better a smooth pit of shit than waves lapping over the edges. No I have not been taking drugs. Happy Christmas, you fuckers.

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