Saturday, August 18, 2007


It's about something I like

Usually I write about things I hate, because there are so many things that drive me fucking insane. From the irritating and niggly tics of my co workers to the very word co worker (how gay), via the environment, politics, weather, media, food, language oddities, crazes and fads and "personalities" that are forced upon us by the fact of our existence, in this time, in this place - there are so many things that are so very fucking incredibly annoying I could shit.

There is a vast choice of things to be irritated by, it is true, but negativity alone is like chips without ketchup - just missing a little something, so I thought I would tell you fuckers about something I enjoy massively.

It is Dog the Bounty Hunter - a television programme featuring tattooed, religious-maniac gypsies in Hawaii, going around all trussed up in body armour, waving cans of mace and alternately swearing like sailors then having a prayer session on the roadside. The woman in it, Beth, has the most enormous bosooms I have ever seen in my life. They have a life of their own, each one of them and she hoiks them up with a belt cinched around her waist and displays them to the world in clinging, plunging tops showing a cleavage that runs from her chin to her belly button.

So, this one, the woman with the vast tits, her husband who has long hair combed over a thin patch at the back, her stepsons and step daughter and a random bloke are all Bounty Hunters - which means thet they drive around in huge 4 x 4 cars, looking for people who have not kept to the terms and conditions of their bail. And they are giving it all the large talk there in the car, the team of hunters: "Look at the photo of this here person" one of them says "what a loser - what a face with evil in it". "Oh yes" says the large woman "That one has no hope at all". "Let's catch them then and bring them in - ooh here we come all after yous evil bastards!". But once they get the poor, miserable junkie or whoever it is that has forgotten to go to court, the tune changes entirely.

"You are exactly like me " says Dog the bounty hunter, a long haired, strutting thug with a penchant for leather, and with feathers braided into his fringe, as he handcuffs the defendant's wrists behind his back. "But you do not have the religion. Get the religion and let Our Lord into your life and everything will be fine and you'll go to jail for a bit, and they will let you out and you'll be fine". Then there is a bit of hugging, the bounty hunters light a fag for the criminal and shove it in his gob - and while he is incapitated by a lungful of fumes, because his hands are cuffed and he can't take the cigarette out to exhale - they start on with the Jesus stuff.

"You must not take drugs - Jesus told me to say that" says Dog the Bounty Hunter. Yes" says Beth the large woman, "And stop walloping that poor whore of a wife of yours". Then the dim son with a pigtail pipes up: "My dad here took the drugs - and look at the skin on him now! Honestly - you'll be better off without those crack pipes and whatnot". By now the poor criminal has smoke coming out of both nostrils and is beside himself to get into the jail, where there will be crackpipes and sex in the showers and fighting and no God bothering whatsoever, so the criminal decides to act all peculiar and says: "Yes Dog and family you are entirely right and I will go into that court house over there and mend my ways". So the criminal rushes himself into the court house as fast as he can move and Dog and Co wave him off - yelling bits of religious dogma and trite advice after him.

After that there is a bit of back patting and I told-you-soing from the Dog brigade, then they go off and buy strange clothes, or drive to the beach or count their children.

I am quite sure that Dog the Bounty Hunter is not a Catholic, which in itself means that his bleatings on about Jesus and stuff are a total waste of time.mAnd what is more- when Dog The Bounty Hunter goes into the fires of hell like all other protestants or methodists or whatever other type of non-Catholics there are in America- there will be a large crowd of criminals he caught and handed over to the authorities, waiting to fuck him in the arse, and set his long lacquered hair alight. It is my favourite programme on the television.


Dog the Bounty Hunter is a good program, but, other than that, I shall pray for you Noreen. Also, ketchup is not the only thing that goes with chips - you can have salt and vinegar instead, or maybe gravy or pickled eggs or mushy peas. I am just trying to help you broaden your horizons.
I watch Dog and i'm not ashamed to say so, every day i see his leathery legs in heels and his comb over i feel a million times better about myself.

If you go to all about south (or whatever the fuck it is, it's on google) find the episode "Miss teacher bangs a boy" rips it out of Dog.

In fact all car crash TV is good, Jeremy Kyle (cunt) in particular.
Noreen it rocks like cocks and socks, did you see the one where Dog's daughter dies before their wedding, yet they get married anyway or where Dog goes to jail and Beth is screaming her head off like he died or something. She probably feared he would get a rub of some Jesus worshiping jailbirds relic. Ah it's class, a lower class, but class nontheless!
I can't believe you said "N---y".
I have seen the one where Dog goes to jail. there was an entire day of Dog on the bravo channel - it was marvellous - all about the going to Mexico and catching a rapist and then the tables are turned and the feds turn up in the dead of night with a warrant with a picture of Dog and Leland in a delicious twist of fate. God, you couldn't make it up it is that weird.
As for the daughter one - I spent an afternoon at work trying to get my head around the Dog family tree and which child belongs to which parent - it is fucking complicated. But I have not seen that episode yet. Beth is his fifth wife- you have to admire his enduring belief in the institution of marriage - most people would have knocked it on the head after two or three trips down the aisle. He is like a modern day Henry the Eighth
Well i suspect it's the only way he can get his end away, if he was single he'd have a hard job.
There's a good reason he rarely takes those shades off.
staghounds, what the Fraggels cock is "N---y"?

Noreen, his fifth wife, what the fook ? I never knew that. I'm gonna try find his mail address and ask him for a brief run down of his family tree. This is all i found so far
The whole bloomin' programme is pretentious. --- Not to mention the fact, lass, the man's a convicted criminal. Better to spend time watching, "Dirty Jobs." No breasts cinched up or leather trousers, though. Much to your chagrin, perhaps. But, hey, it's time well spent.
Twenty third word in the body of the piece. My original comment was intended to include, "You can expect to be tracked down and discharged by the hate speech idiots. Good job!"

You see, "n----y" sounds like another word, a word the very utterance of which renders millions helpless with wounded feelings and creates a storm of media anger focus.

Noreen I wanna know what your thoughts are on Jeremy!!


Your pearls of wisdom? are just that!!

x kiss kiss


Has Dog the Bounty Hunter been on a long time? I am sure I saw a programme about the twat at least ten years ago. He was probably only on wife number two then, and only had 15 or 16 sprogs.
Please don't mention the name Jeremy Kyle again. Every time I see him on tv my fists start clenching involuntarily.
Agreed! This is a great show -- whenever I watch it, though, I admit to spending the entire time mesmerized by Dog and Beth's incredible hairdos.

The show and the family are both far superior to the horrible "Raymond" and his horrible family, for example. Try to imagine Raymond chasing down some crackhead bail jumper -- all he would do is whine and make his wife do everything.
In my drafts I have a post about Dog the cunter, what a twat, he should learn to run in high heels the short arse.
I put my marvelous Dog post up so we can be joined spiritually.
Noreen, please do a blog about how shit Croc shoes are.
I fucking hate them

I like the one where his wife with the magnetically opposed tits gets so turned on she drags into a crumbling relic of a motel room to do him hubby style with the extended family waiting outside.

He got the tv show after he nabbed that max factor heir date-rapist chap.

I've moved on to Cheaters to fill the violence void.
And yes, croc shoes are a rubbery nightmare of colourful wholesale footwear.

That said, they are a convenient way of weeding out potential or on-the-cusp drinking partners/death row pen pals.
Noreen where are you i hope your ok :-)
Can I Haz Chipz?

U Iz Cunt.

oh fer th' luv uf all that is holy!
Or even for what is not...

First ball bag disappears without a I gotta start loking for Virgin Bum-buddy Fossett. Christ on a Hot Air Balloon!
Now I gotta launch a search fer that ole worn out whore, Noreen...
I'm exhausted..
Everyone is missing these days...what is up with that?
Feck! I'm going on a drinkin' binge with that cunt, Waring.
Noreen, it's always been my prime sexual fantasy to be harangued by a deranged Northern Irish harridan who reduces my sexual ego to the metaphorical equivalent of a stamped hamster.

Do you know any barking ginger nutjobs who could fulfil this heartfelt wish?

A Belfast accent that could cut glass at fifty paces is preferable, but not essential.

GSOH, etc.
This blog is shit. You are shit! Fuck the lot of you!

I am one of the 5 desperate people on this earth who subscribe to your blog.

You talk such a load of shite. But you say it with total fucking conviction.

And for that, I salute you.
You've gone missing. Where art thou, oh princess of the bloody mind-fuck?
Noreen are you still here?

Or have you been incarcerated - err in some prison? or remote PG tip island?

Watching Jeremy Kyle?

While we are at it what do you think about ??????????

More soon
Right - she's gone:-(


Doo lally:-)

J x
Where are you just even say cunt, just to let us know you are alive??
see what happens when she hits the prozac ? she writes happy posts then clears off to frolick with unicorns.
Well she's f**cked off now - I reckon she's been locked up? myself?

Doing time in HMP

Stupid cow:-(
I hope she's dead.
Probably been raped and left for fox food in some remote forrest!!!
It is what comes of frolicking with heathen infidels and Scotch people. "You will softly and suddenly vanish away, and never be heard from again", as the great bard wrote.
She's either eaten very new cheese or very old meat. Goddamned diners!Better to prepare a meal at home where there's less chance to catch a food-borne virus, or somesuch. Sheesh!
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