Monday, May 26, 2008


The Arrogance of Man

Insomniacs are tiresome people - whining and whinging about their inability to perform a fairly simple human function - marvelling that they are so special and different to ordinary "sleeping" people and implying that, in some way they occupy a more important place in the world than people with regular sleep patterns, that their importance is what keeps them awake - the fear that if they were to shut an eye - the world would collapse around them into the hands of inferior beings. I find anxiety disorders equally tedious - the fretting control freak, a taut, nervy machine on constant alert - just fuck off and get over yourself.

Given the choice, many people would swap sleep (in return for absence of tiredness) to give themselves more hours to carry out the meaningless shit they do, or to add contrived purpose to their actions, be it a God, a sense of value in their work or an inflated view of their personal influence on the lives of others. Thankfully the option of extended yawn-free vigilance still remains at the mercy of chemicals - no one has yet invented anything safe to keep idiots alert for longer than the power of a few lines of coke or some pro plus.

Control junkies aren't special in their ability to be annoying - indeed most things about human beings are irritating - from the artist constantly trying to better nature when at best he can rival or imitate, to the person who yearns for more hours in the day - a slightly different soul to the insomniac, Philip Challinor, before you start, insomniacs are addicted to tiredness and wear it as a yashmak of superiority, the "more hours in the day" cunt is the man who has just lost sight of his own value, he may sleep well at night. Although being awake may mean that a person has more control over his actions, he makes choices when to move and how, what actions to perform, it does not necessarily make those waking actions any more pleasurable or impressive than those that take place in his sleeping life. Just as a constant background noise masks the respiration of the world and the paintings in the art gallery block the view of the sunset, so does waking life seem to overpower the sleeping brain. The opiate of control is such that we become stupid to the constant presence of control-free pleasure, going as far as to play bluff and double bluff with ourselves, controlling our lack of control with drugs and substances from those as mundane as alcohol, to exotically post- gap- year ayahuasca in order to relax our grip, and experience that which was there all along.

As we have little recollection of what happens in our sleep unless it is a night terror or a particularly vivid dream, sonambulism or other such showy behaviour, it does not mean that sleeping is any less enjoyable than being awake. If in the waking hours our memories were reduced to be extremely short term, it would merely mean that pleasures would be quickly forgotten, rather than absent. Too much is made of pleasure simply being the answer to an ache, the act of living is a pleasure in itself.
That is all

...a slightly different soul to the insomniac, Philip Challinor, before you start...

Ooooooooooooh, touchy.

Word Verification: dsmdnnnr, a very sleepy after-dinner speech.
"the fretting control freak, a taut, nervy machine on constant alert"

Where'd you meet my ex-gf? I hope you told her she was a cunt.
I fear you don't "get" insomniacs. I am 6 dog years old and a 2 decade long 'insom' (that is what we call ourselves).

I love sleeping, but it only seems to happen when I dull my wits with various concoctions.

I once wrote a country and western song titled "Its hard to go to sleep, its hard to get up".

I am TORTURED, you see...
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"the act of living is a pleasure in itself"

Hear, hear. Down with Eeyores and Dementors.

Sorry, you were saying something about Justine Henin and the French Open??
"the act of living is a pleasure in itself"

Well, well: we are witnessing the birth of a new, mellower, and altogether nicer Noreen. (Is she in love?)

I have it on good authority that this blog will soon be renamed "Emerald Smile".
Noreen ? Anyone who still believes you're a bird, mate, is an absloute cunt. You must be a fuckin tranny I reckon ? What do our other readers think ?
A gimp.
Why would you think I am a man from this post, anonymous - I don't see anything particularly butch about it. And why would it matter if I were a bloke or a bird - ranting about stuff doesn't require a vagina or a penis, just an unpleasant temperament. You should try it.
Good grief, Noreen, you are in a philosophical mood - but I like it.

On the subject of sleep, I read the following top tip from my Viz "compendium" this very day:

"Find out what you look like when you're asleep by learning astral projection and then glancing over your shoulder just as you are leaving your body"

What are you baking into your brownies? Sheesh!
Sleep is the great escape, especially when one is sorely depressed. Better to drop out for a few than put up with a conscious window of funk. As far as dreams, depending upon their content, short of having a bed-wetting incident, usually the interaction is forgotten. Unless, as I think about it, an ex-inlaw, wearing strangely intimidating attire, and wielding a long, well-honed bayonet, enters my fragile subconsciousness. With that, I'd wet my damned pajamas, anyway.
Sleep that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care, the death of each day's life, sore labor's bath, balm of hurt minds, great nature's second course, chief nourisher in life's feast, and duly approved by Noreen. No wonder it's so popular.
What have you done with Noreen, you foully positive person?

Sleep is wonderful, it's like a little holiday from myself.
Just stumbled upon your blog from the "Throwing Poo" dude. Or was it ACW's blog? I forget. Hon, this was brilliant. You are SO right. Am still laughing. Every insomniac I have ever known *must* have you KNOW that they are tortured creatures of the night. Bleh.

Rock on girl.
Thank you Liz - that is very sweet of you. Welcome.

Staghounds- I would be positive all the time, if other people were less annoying.

Enoch -pyjamas are terribly gay

Audrey - you know me better than that.

Philip, you are the little, nerdy voice in my head. I hope that makes you happy

My jammies may be considered as such, but(t) trust me, there's no back door. In some corners of our troubled universe, that fact may be somewhat disconcerting.
Ha! If only my partying neighbour bastards (with rotten taste in music and guests) could fully relish the wonders of sleep ...

Alas, two hours ago I knew it well : ~

Noreem you've upgraded the site! It looks great. All I need now are earplugs & a BB gun, and Tuesday would be an even better day. Good morning, all!
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