Friday, May 29, 2009


The Etymology of Talent

Jesus was always going on "talent this, talent that" in parables. But His definition of talent, as a skill or gift, was not entirely accurate. For a talent in those early AD days, was actually a unit of measurement - a measurement of volume, or mass. The "talent" was a substantial quantity- about the weight of a large child, and was frequently used as a measurement for precious metals. From there, it was a short step for the talent to be seen as a unit of currency.

Jesus, however, was not a fan of the materialism, so he rebranded "talent" to mean "the ability to do anything more than breathe in and out".


Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Explaining Juche Idea To The Masses

Long metal chopsticks
struggle to hold cold noodles.
Plastic zippers
outrank brass buttons.
Land of simultaneous movement and immortality,
where God resides in each person
and there is no finer delicacy
than the bitter bile of crows

Noreen Jong-Il

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