Wednesday, May 04, 2011


Watch Your Step, Batman

I think the security guard in my building is psychic. He is a young lad, and like most young men, enjoys skiving off work, having a cup of tea and riding around on his motorcycle scooter. He keeps his scooter gleaming and has a bunch of stickers on it - the usual testosterone-y old shite: a Ferrari logo, some stripes, some words in a language I don't read.

My favourite sticker that the security guard had on his bike, was a large oval one, featuring Osama bin Laden, grinning like a lunatic, with one hand in the air. My husband was a bit worried by this show of fundamentalism, and thought that our guard might be in some kind of a terrorist cell, but to be frank with you, the boy is a bit on the slow side, and the only type of group he would be asked to join would be one for the educationally half-witted.

Anyway - last week I noticed his scooter parked outside the guards' office and do you know what? He had peeled off the Osama sticker and replaced it with one of Batman. He may be a lazy weirdo but if I were Batman, or Robin for that matter, I would be shitting my tights right now.


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